Like having  a matched wine, but audible… Mark’s events brim with enthusiasm and passion for two things that are core to the human experience – great tunes and delicious food.

Daniel Woodford, Head Honcho – Cocopocoloco

Every Soundfood I have been to is its own unique and special experience for the senses. Mark’s personality and passion for his craft is present in everything he does. If you love food and music then you’ll be hooked just like me.

Sonja Loader Jurac, Sonja Loader Jurac – Creative Director @ Sonja Adelle

Soundfood is a once in a lifetime experience. A feast for the senses – a seductive blend of taste sensations and groove vibrations that cannot be denied. A level of multi-tasking that puts other DJs to shame. Thank you Mark for bringing Soundfood to Strawberry Fields year after year, and creating a truly unique experience for thousands of our patrons.

Tara Benney, Director – Strawberry Fields Festival

The most incredibly unique thing about Soundfood is that it is entirely malleable for any event or occassion . I have hosted 2 housewarming Soundfood parties and my 40th birthday was also a Soundfood party. Mark catered for 25 guests cooking up both meaty treats and vegan yumbos like an absolute pro. Mark has excelled in producing the most superb gourmet dining experiences and catered for every thinkable food intolerances and bizarre needs. In addition he delivers as a top notch professional every single time.

Coupled with his delicious taste in music, being the most techlordish yet humble dj I know, the Soundfood experience is truly a bucket list experience that is a must do for everyone. Mark continues to recreate each dining experience with innovative dishes and flavours accompanied by groove n move tunes that get guests talking, laughing and grooving. Or in my case, baby powder dancefloor shuffling.

Thank you Mark. It’s been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to lock in my next Soundfood with you. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years, we’ve boogied at festivals, you’ve helped me warm my homes, my tummy and my heart. I would recommend the Soundfood experience to everyone. Life’s two best gifts – great food and awesome tunes. Cheers.

Monique, Soundfoodie

Combing two of the best things in life – food and music – Soundfood really is amazing to watch. To see someone hold a mix together seamlessly while cooking up gourmet delights is a sight to behold. If you haven’t had a chance to experience Soundfood live yet, make it happen. It’s one delicious dinner you won’t want to miss.

Jesse Kuch, Journalist, News Corp Australia, and label manager at Open Records

I had such a blast with Mark and Soundfood. The food was exceptional and the beats superb.

Claire Vivian, Soundfoodie

What I like about Soundfood is that it’s not just great tunes and amazing food but the music and food is so well matched.

Benet Hitchcock, Soundfoodie

MarkJ is one of the best DJs I’ve come across in my musical career, with culinary skills to match. The way he has successfully combined his two major passions in life is unique, admirable and down right brilliant. I’ve personally been to over a dozen Soundfoods now, and will continue to do so as his project evolves with full support.

Tom Cosm, Electronic Music Producer, Performer and Educator

I have collaborated on creative projects with Mark for almost 10 years. He is one of the most creative, witty and down to earth guys I know. Over this time he has worked hard and passionately and become a great entrepreneur.

I’ve watched Soundfood go from idea to thriving business. Last month I organised a SF for a friend’s buck’s party. We had 21 guys at Soundfood and everyone absolutely loved it! Mark’s food choices were spot on and the food was incredible! He makes it look easy. Not only is he cooking he’s also entertaining chatting to the crowd and spinning tunes.

I highly recommend the employing of Mark and his Soundfood for your social event/festival.

Kit Haselden, Photographer, Kit Haselden Photography