Welcome to Soundfood, a new and exciting concept in dining! It is the brain child of Melbourne based, Kiwi DJ, Markj.

Soundfood is a unique fusion of Markj’s two biggest passions, music and food. During a Soundfood session he simultaneously DJs and cooks, resulting in a sensory explosion. This show has been heard, tasted, and seen in households, clubs and festivals throughout the world. Various “house” sessions have taken place in New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland to name few. And Soundfood has made cameos at various festivals such as Burning Man and Indigo Vortex in the United States, as well as Maitreya, Serpentine Illusions and the CocoPocoLoco zone at Rainbow Serpent here in Australia.

MarkJ is one of the best DJs I’ve come across in my musical career, with culinary skills to match. The way he has successfully combined his two major passions in life is unique, admirable and down right brilliant. I’ve personally been to over a dozen Soundfoods now, and will continue to do so as his project evolves with full support.

Tom Cosm, Electronic Music Producer, Performer and Educator

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