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Welcome to Soundfood, a new and exciting concept in dining! It is the brain child of Melbourne based, Kiwi DJ, Markj.

Soundfood is a unique fusion of Markj’s two biggest passions, music and food. During a Soundfood session he simultaneously DJs and cooks, resulting in a sensory explosion. This show has been heard, tasted, and seen in households, clubs and festivals throughout the world. Various “house” sessions have taken place in New York, London, Melbourne and Auckland to name few. And Soundfood has made cameos at various festivals such as Burning Man and Indigo Vortex in the United States, as well as Maitreya, Serpentine Illusions and the CocoPocoLoco zone at Rainbow Serpent here in Australia.

The most incredibly unique thing about Soundfood is that it is entirely malleable for any event or occassion . I have hosted 2 housewarming Soundfood parties and my 40th birthday was also a Soundfood party. Mark catered for 25 guests cooking up both meaty treats and vegan yumbos like an absolute pro. Mark has excelled in producing the most superb gourmet dining experiences and catered for every thinkable food intolerances and bizarre needs. In addition he delivers as a top notch professional every single time.

Coupled with his delicious taste in music, being the most techlordish yet humble dj I know, the Soundfood experience is truly a bucket list experience that is a must do for everyone. Mark continues to recreate each dining experience with innovative dishes and flavours accompanied by groove n move tunes that get guests talking, laughing and grooving. Or in my case, baby powder dancefloor shuffling.

Thank you Mark. It’s been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to lock in my next Soundfood with you. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years, we’ve boogied at festivals, you’ve helped me warm my homes, my tummy and my heart. I would recommend the Soundfood experience to everyone. Life’s two best gifts – great food and awesome tunes. Cheers.

Monique, Soundfoodie

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